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Canyon Grand Canyon Bike Review: Great Kit, Small Range

Canyon bikes are usually sold directly to the customer and not through shops. You can order the bike online and the bike is assembled for you and you get the delivery in a box. All you need to do is put together the stem, wheels and pedals. The Grand Canyon AL is a bike that has mid-range aluminum and is cheaper than the other two models that are available in the market.

This bike has the vest value kit at a very comfortable price. The Canyon makers always make frames that look way more costly than they actually are and the Grand Canyon is no exception to that. The frame construction on it is the best and looks lovely in the matt black and orange assemble.

The head tube has tubes that go out from it and is hydroformed. The bracket shell at the bottom is placed externally to cut down on the weight from the centre section. There are three slots at the top of seat tube that go around it and spread the load on top of the seatpost. The finishing touch is the chic aluminum seat that has been anodized for quick release. The bike has a rack and a mudguard at the back.

Canyon always has a direct sales approach and this way they can offer great bikes at attractive prices and what you get is value for money. The Grand Canyon gets its parts from Shimano and the mech at the front and back from SLX. Although the rear mech is from SLX, canyon improved it by using an upgrade from Deore XT. This is because they added a Shadow-Plus derailleur that has a clutch. The Grand Canyon comes in the smallest XS size and has 650b wheels. This sizing strategy is very unusual coming from such a manufacturer. Canyon has made a same specifications bike for women with a slight variation in the geometry of the bike.

Cycling Community of London Honors Alexandra Foto

The cycling community of London paid tribute to Alexandra Foto through a memorial cycling ride on the 14th of August, 2014 (Thursday). The bike ride began at around 6pm from the London City Hall and continued till the Wharncliffe Rd and Riverside.

When the cyclists honoring Foto reached the site where her accident took place, they took part in the traditional ceremony of ringing bells in order to bless her soul.

Alexandra Foto was a nineteen year old cyclist who died because she was hit by a cement truck at the Riverside and Wharncliffe Rd drive when she was riding her bicycle on the 7th of August, 2014 (Thursday).

Foto was actually adored and respected by her relatives and friends. This was quite evident in the fact that people who knew her appeared in huge numbers to attend her funeral in order to honor her. Foto’s funeral took place on the 12th of August, 2014.

Gary Brown who belongs to the Cycling Advisory Committee Chair in London is of the opinion that more steps have to be taken to increase the safety of the London cyclists.

Brown said that one look at the site of Alexandra Foto’s accident will give you an idea that the safety of cyclists and even pedestrians for that matter was not taken into consideration when the road was built.

According to him it is extremely important that new bike routes are created in London. Alexandra Foto did not have a safe option and unfortunately met with an accident. Now if accidents are to be avoided in the future, steps have to be taken effectively.

Gary Brown did not know Foto personally but then he truly thinks that a very special person and role model has been lost because she was a great humanitarian and absolutely believed in charity work.

Chris Hoy crashed 125,000 pound sterling into bales of hay

On Saturday chris hoy found four wheeler a more challenging vehicle and smashed a 125,000 sterling pound supercar into bales of hay at the Goodwood Festival of speed. Sir Chris came out unharmed and perfect while waving to his fans roaring around him.

His Nissan supercar ploughed straight into the hay bales when he spanned off the track at the Goodwood and headed towards the bales throwing hay into the air Chris stopped the car, making the car way too damaged for him to continue with his 193 mph Nissan GT-R Nismo. Its is still unclear if the vehicle one of the only two in UK can ever be repaired.

After taking retirement in the year 2013 he has taken up motor sports and races in the British GT Championship. After his West Sussex wipeout , sir chris hoy who announced that he and his wife Sarra is expecting their first child tweeted that he was embarrassed, though the car looked a bit sore he was fine.

It was on the second day at the Goodwood Championship when he lost control and moved straight into the hay and came out unhurt waving at his fans leaving the race marshalls digging out the car from the hay bales.

Being Britain’s most decorated Olympian with six Olympic golds he also won 10 world cycling titles during a distinguished career.

With a long term aim of driving for British Championship till 2016 ended up in a stack of Hay at the Goodwood hill climb with his car’s airbags deploying but leaving the car way to damaged to continue. A thriving cyclist trying his luck with the four wheels bumped hard on a stack of hay at this recent crash putting a mar in his career.

Sir Chris Hoy stands beside the British team

British cycling legend Sir Chris Hoy has showed his support for the British cycling team after their disastrous performance at the Track Cycling World Championships who are being held at Cali, Colombia.  The legend has showed support for the athletes and has stated that the team will be back to their good form very soon.

It was the first time that the British men’s team was left empty handed at the World Championships after 1998 and it has resulted in a country wide media criticism. The only ray of hope is the second place finish by Joanne Roswell in the individual pursuit and the victory for the British female team in the team pursuit event. Read more »

Armstrong apologizes to “Mr. Clean”

Here goes another move from Lance Armstrong as the disgraced cycling God is on his way towards the “reconciliation tour” following his drug scandals- The Texan based rider met up with Christophe Bassons recently to seek apology for his key role that saw the French rider off Tour France 1999.

According to many, Armstrong’s reconciliation tour is based on his motive to lessen the life ban imposed on the cyclist on the ground of doping charges. Following the drug scandal, Armstrong was ripped off his 7 Tour France titles & was handed with life ban for being into serial drug-taking.

Bassons was honored with the nickname of “Mr. Clean” across the pro peloton since the upright French rider strongly denied use of banned performance-enhancement drugs alongside Festina fellow riders in the very controversial 1998 edition of Tour France.

The 39-year-old rider gathered further disrepute during the next Tour when the cyclist was all open about his shocking realization in Le Parisien regarding Armstrong’s feat at the illustrious race.

Armstrong reacted to Bassons’ column bitterly & the peloton accused him on breaking down “omerta”- unwritten decorum of silence. The Francaise rider’s career came to a disappointing halt by Lance bullying strategies post his withdrawal from the esteemed race prior to retirement from pro cycling in the year 2001.

In spite of being down with depression given untimely retirement, Bassons, however, declined to admonish Armstrong remarking: Just the way he is a fake, he has already suffered big from the system & within that very system he has come up with his system. I could not hang up when he called- then why not a meet up?”

Armstrong had a face-to-face meeting with the French rider last weekend in Paris where he apologized to Bassons.

“The most significant is to apologize to you”, Armstrong was heard telling to Bassons last Friday.